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Some Report Samples


With Expert Data Miner, you can fetch the detail for each of your visitors. If you use AdWords, especially the network content, you can track down the behaviour of the people who click on your ads, see which page they ask, if they come back later on (provide that you use cookies), this information is available for each referring website. You can ask the software to scan for click fraud and provide you a report with their IPs. In the reports on search engines, you can segment your visitors, add a column to see how many found your site through an organic search or filter in/out those who used paid keywords. The tutorial describes some cases, but to summarize - you can virtually plot any variable against any another with filters and custom columns.

User click path:

The user path or click path is available from 19 reports in Expert Data Miner Log Analyzer. If you take a look at the most popular pages, downloads, landing pages, geographical locations, search phrases, etc.. you can select a line and get the list of all the visitors who were involved with the current line. The above screen appears when you select one of those visitors. Nested pages are pages that were asked when a visitor clicked on an hyperlink


Most Popular Pages:

With this report, you can know how many times each of your pages were fetched and the average time spent by your visitors on each one (when it is possible).

The Average time is also given for the referred visitors, so those who were sent to your site by a search engines or an external website or an hyperlink inside an email.

If you right click on a line of the current report you get an historical chart for the last 30 days. The hits of the current page and its most important referrers are shown. In eight reports you can right click on a line (landing page, search phrase, downloadable file, country, etc..) and get an historical chart for all the columns in the report, including the custom columns that you created.

Conversion - Profit

In the Enterprise Edition, you can use EDM to detect click fraud or to validate the results of another system like Google Analytics. Here the last colum was created to fetch te net revenue ( purchases minus cost per click x nb of clicks) even if the visitor purchase a product at his third or fourth visit. So the column gives you how often someone who found your website with some keywords will eventually get the page "thank you for purchasing with us!" later on.
Such kind of reports are also available if you wish to deal with websites outside the Google AdWords network; tracking down the behaviour of the dispatched visitors and their conversion rates for each website is easy if you use cookies. Even if you use Google Analytics cookies, EDM can handle them.

Hourly Statistics

With this report, you not only know how your web traffic is distributed for each hour of the day, you also get the percentage of returning visitors for each hour. Returning visitors are people who visited  your site at least once over the previous months. To get non zero values in this column, you need to implement the relevant cookies in your log files and define which cookie you use in the general configuration of EDM. The column 'Returning Users' can be added at will in many other reports; daily statistics, external referrers, visitors by countries, etc..

External Referrers

In the report  'External Referrers' a  line with a referrer ( was selected and the user right clicked to get the above chart . If you have too much columns/curves, you can still display selectively the ones that you choose with a combo box. Here the combo choice was 'All curves' .

Search Engines:

One report among many others in the category 'Search Engines'. The popup concerns the phrase typed by different visitors who used the French engine 'voila' (hidden by the popup). In most reports under the Search Engines section, you can also add up to 10 user defined columns.



A broad range of filters exist in EDM. You can apply such filters on 'hits' (lines in your log) or either visitors. Filters can be combined with an OR/AND condition.

External referrers are often driving visitors to your website. Even if you did not pay to get publicity you may wish to evaluate the quality of those visitors. Among several metrics, EDM gives you the average number of pages that your visitors fetched once they discovered your site. The number of visits can be slightly smaller than the number of hits if one visitor clicked twice on his initial entry page for some reason. The popup was obtained with a mouse click on one of the red numbers; it gives the distribution behind the average.

You want more details? you can take a look at the online tutorial or download the free trial version.

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