Fetching the user path from your log file

You can fetch the click trail for any user from 19 reports in Expert Data Miner. The click trail of your visitors will depend heavily of some factors like his landing page, the keywords that they used to find your site, the fact that they are or not returning visitors, etc...

EDM is a software that allows you to retrieve both the individual click trail of your visitors as well as the average click path for all of them; you just fix the parameter for which you need to segment a group of visitors (landing page, search phrase, country, referrer, etc..) Lets start with the report on search phrases. Behind any search phrase there can be several users who reached your website. The column Avg Pages per Visitor gives you the the average number of pages that your visitors asked during their whole session.

Fetching the click path

Picture 1 - search phrases and the click path option

If you click on one of the underlined  numbers ( here the 6.47 in red) you get the following distribution.

number of pages per visitor

Picture 2

Here 15 users fetched 16 times the same landing page (one user clicked twice on his Google link) but some users were more interested by your site and asked for more pages. The user for which the click stream will be studied asked for 12 pages during his whole session. One can also fetch the position of this website on Google or Yahoo for the search phrase "jet fighters" or either fetch the click path of the users who reached the site with this phrase. Let's select back the same line, right click and select the Fetch click path option (see from picture 1).

All the users contibuting to the click stream

Picture 3 - the list of visitors

There are 15 users who got 16 hits, which means that one user clicked twice on his Google link during his session. Lets click on the second line of the above popup now.

individual click trail for one visitor

Picture 4 - The click trail for one visitor

If the visitor had downloaded any file, it would be present in the list box below. When a visitor asked for page 'B' from page 'A' (from a link), page 'B' appears under page 'A' and shifted to the right. When he pressed the back button of his browser, subsequent pages are shifted toward the left.
The click streams of the visitors are not just accessible from this report, but  from 19 different reports; All you need is to right click on a line and choose this option when needed. If you do have too many visitors, it is also possible (in version 1.52 and above), to press the hot key f8 and get a nested tree that summarizes the popularity of your pages for the relevant search phrase/landing page or referrer.

Average click path for all visitors

Picture 5, the average click trail

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