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Features Of The Free Version And How To Use It


   The free version of Expert Data Miner 1.61 contains all the features of the trial or registered version 1.61 except one: It will stop to process your log file(s) after about 100 visitors per day (regardless of the number of hits) and tell you so. 'about' and '100' are in bold and there are some reasons for this. The '100' here include spiders, so if one day your see a popup which tells you that your quota is reached don't be surprised if your daily statistics show just 60 or 70 visitors in some cases; spiders are excluded by default from this report but you can re-include them with the local configuration screen.  The 'about'  means that if you do not use cookie and receive some AOL America visitors there is an implicit approximation. With AOL customers EDM proceeds to an extra readjustment but this is done  at the end, not when EDM scans your log and verifies if your free quota is reached. So you could end up with a variable limit of 98 to 102 users per day. Unless you are a corporation or a very popular blogger this can still fill your needs in most cases.

No technical support is  given with the freeware, but you can still use the online documentation and the help option in EDM.

Please note that even if this version is free you cannot put it on your website and offer it for download without the agreement of ASCO IT.

Removing yourself from the visitors:

If your site has a few visitors, you could find useful to remove yourself from the visitors statistics. Indeed the owners of  small websites often need to test their changes and their sole presence and repetitive requests can inflate the statistics regarding the real number of visitors. To remove yourself from the sample, you can try to use your authentication account from your cpanel. In most cases someone will use a tool like cpanel and access a page like "http://mydomain/cpanel" which will appear as '/cpanel' in your log file. This is a password protected file, so you are the sole one to use it. Among the global filters provided by EDM, one is about authenticated users. If you have some difficulties with the authenticated directory /account, you can also create a normal directory or file that only you knows. It is thus possible to use the global filters in EDM and apply a filter on visitors who retrieve a specific file or directory during their session; you define the file that only you normally know and fetch, and you use an exclusive filter. If you need to make a series of tests over an hour, all you need to do is to visit this page once and do as usual with the remaining files. The filters will remove any of your requests provided that you asked for that specific file at least once during your session.  However if you use a page that is accessible for spiders it is preferable to configure your robots.txt file and tell the  spiders to not fetch this specific file.

Have fun.

Download the Free Version Now (Full Package)

Download the Executable (If you wish to preserve your data from a previous installation). Note: It's preferable to download the full package if you want the proper geolocation and spider's definition.

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