Expert Data Miner, bug fixes and upgrades

Several bug corrections and upgrades were done to the earlier packages, here's a non exhaustive list:

1.01 and 1.02 (Sept 2007): Most corrections concern orthograph faults, grammatical errors and minor bugs in the software.

1.03 (Sept 2007): The support for zip files was added. Also a new report was added, it deals with external referrers when the target is a downloadable file. The uninstaller was improved in order to remove any trace of the software (at least for the trial and freeware, not the purchased version).

1.04 (oct. 3,2007): A new functionnality was added, the user can now retrieve from Google/Yahoo the position of his website for the relevant search phrases and keywords in two reports. A major bug was discovered in the algorithm that is dealing with the database generation in cumulative projects. The bug was fixed, it concerns mainly the chart Avg Pages/User and the data behind the chart (the bug did not exist in the default/non cumulative mode). Some headers were changed to optimize the width of some columns. The support for zip files was improved.

1.05 (Oct. 12,2007): Bug correction in the Google function. Google Spain and Italy are now supported. Introduction of the concept of pages aliases to make reports more readable when a the original URL looks like "mydisplay.php?id=9643&quer=96544&lang=...." Found some bugs in the function Export to HTML.

1.06-1.09 (oct. ,2007): Bug corrections here and there (including a major bug in the export to HTML function), support for several European special characters, quick filter on date added.

1.10 (November 2007): It is now possible to fetch the click stream of your visitors from 5 reports. A tree displays the pages that they fetch in a session.

1.11 (November 2007): Bug corrections in the filters (incompatibility with the click stream defined in release 1.10). Two include filters can be combined with an AND/OR condition.

1.12-1.13 (November 2007): Bug corrections, added new actions (search engines and POST), added an option in the report Most Popular Pages in order to display an historical chart when a user right click on a line. Allowing a user to disable a report when he right click on a node in the left tree. Changed the system in two reports to retrieve the position from Google/Yahoo.

1.14 (December 2007): Bug corrections, new filter on URL segments,improved the help file, changed the graphs. in the left tree. Changed the system in two reports to retrieve the position from Google/Yahoo.

1.15-1.16 (December 2007): Bug corrections, improved the help file, allow the user to change the subgroup in the report 'External Referrers', allow the user to use one different cookie per project.

1.20 (January 2008): New report regarding the returning visitors. The most important upgrade however concerns the creation of an Enterprise Edition which allow someone to track down returning users and get conversion rates even if a visitor ask for a target file at his third or fourth visit.

1.21 (January 2008): The Enterprise version allow someone to filter the visitors according to their behaviour at the first session. This means (among others) that one can discard any visitor that wasn't referred by website 'X' and allow any visitor who is not referred by this website at his third or fourth visit to appear in the statistics. It is now possible to get the navigation path of any visitor in a sixth report, 'spiders', when one right click on a line with his mouse. Bug corrections.

1.22-1.24 (January 2008) Most changes concern the Enterprise Edition and the E-commerce section

1.25 (January,26 2008): Major bug discovered and fixed; it seems that if a website had more than a certain number of downloaded files in some cases the application could crash. Other bug related to the first one was fixed in the yearly cumulative project, the application could crash if someone was fetching the navigation path and there were some downloadable files within the same sequence.

1.26 (February,4 2008): Support for Turkish,Russian and Arabic letters and support for Polish,Czech/Slovak, Hungarian and Rumanian special characters for those who choose to use the UNICODE rather than the fast (1 byte) mode. Bug correction regarding alphanumerical cookies.
1.26.2-1.26.4: several fires to extinguish here and there following the migration to UNICODE for non European languages.

1.27 (February,12,2008): Support for directories that use UNICODE letters (like Russian/Polish install directories, output dirs, etc..). Navigation path available from 10 reports instead of 7 .

1.28-1.29 (March,April,2008): Bug corrections mainly

1.30 (Early May,2008): Bug corrections, improved the speed of the algorithm for yearly and monthly cumulative projects, better support to avaoid swapping. Navigation path available from 11 reports instead of 10 .

1.31-1.31.6 (Mid of May,2008): Bug corrections, several historical graphs available for each record in 6 reports when a user right click on a row.

1.32-1.33 (June,July,2008): Bug corrections, function to visualize previous and next sessions from a visitor if tracking cookies exist in the log file. New action to track if a visitor is coming back within 'X' days. Attempt to support Thai,Japanese and Hangul characters. Tracking exit clicks.

1.40-1.41 (april,2009): Bug corrections, support for IPV6 (in great part) click fraud scan for the adwords report (network content)

1.42-1.43 (may,2009): Bug corrections, click fraud scan outside the adwords network. Allowing a user to import predefined registered users and cookies, ip ranges for cities and anonymous proxies.

1.44 (June 10,2009): Bug corrections, key F3 to separate website and email referrers in one report, allowing users to regroup countries, make the raw log lines available in 2 reports about errors 404, new report on days of the week.

1.45 (June 25,2009): Minor bug corrections, improvind speed, function to know how much time a visitor is online More asian characters supported.

1.46 (July,16 2009): Improved function to know how much time a visitor is online, help file, Attempt to cope with some problems on Vista; error message otherwise.

1.47 (August,5 2009): The software can now be run under Vista 64 bits. Optionnal column to know the time spent on the website by a visitor.

1.48 (August,14 2009): Much better geolocation for IPV6 adresses.

1.49 (August,17 2009): The column giving the referrer was added in the popup showing the list of sessions/click path The same popup can be streched horizontally
user defined spiders can support ipv6
unlimited time for a user session when edmtim.gif is used (no timeout of 30 minutes to close the session)
corrected a small display bug in the click fraud option (for the Excel sheet)
misc bug corrections in usr defined spiders with ipv4
1.49.1 (August,19): upgraded the database of search engines to reflect the current evolution on the Internet (new engines or some gone). Added also and debug to display correctly the search phrases in Russian (with the unicode mode chosen) encoded by that Engine.
Misc. bug corrections.

1.50 (August,24): The most important change concerns a better support for virtual hosts and their relative paths.

1.51 (Sept,27): Bug corrections for IIS log files, bug corrections in the click fraud reports, support for load balancing on IIS, bug coorection in the monthly cumulative projects.

1.52 (Jan,5, 2010): Few bug corrections (including one random bug during the installation), histogram for the column time/session (if chosen), added 2 extra spider's definitions, average click trail available in addition to individual click trail, improved the help file (filter's definition).

1.53 (feb,8, 2010): Misc bug corrections, can now read unicode log files (2 bytes per char), report on internal search engine can support unicode (Russian/Asian)

1.55 (July,17, 2010): The software retrieves automatically a new list of existing proxies from in the click fraud detection option
Modifications and debugging of the click fraud report, especially the report on referrers from the Content Network. Add a column on the percentage of proxies.
The software can now read the Maxmind GeoLiteCity database (cities of the world) provide that one is downloading the database from the Maxmind website.
Suppresion of the manuel import of proxies.
Suppression of the option to import countries.
Geolocation upgraded.
Solving minor display bugs.

1.56 (July,25, 2010): Debug an option to retrieve the position on Google (when non English characters are used)
Some bugs solved on misc. issues.
Greatly improved the detection of robots and the possibility to flag them as spiders.

1.58 (July,5, 2011): Upgrade of the database of proxies and the geolocation

1.59 (August,8, 2012):
Upgrade the list of proxies
The software will verify every 2 days if a new list of proxies is available from the website
The report concerning the failure to retrieve images (clickfraud, key F6) is modified, one short report gives the distribution for different keywords or referrers
The report regarding potential clickfraud with proxies (F6) is modified, in addition to the detail a short report also gives the percentage of proxies per keywords in the report on Search Phrases and by referrer in the Display Network report
Upgrade the geolocation

1.60 (August,27,2012):
Correction of a bug in the click fraud report, occasional memory crash (empty popup) or strange dates problem solved
Solved most of the column alignment problems in the screen report on click fraud
Add a new report on the keywords to exclude from Adwords once someone reprocess his log files and exit from the click fraud report ( major change).
Add a new custom field, percentage of users with cookies enabled, in the search phrases report
Upgrade the list of proxies
Compatibility with the Adwatcher tag in v. 1.60
Take in account most search engines rather than Google only for PPC hits (report on click fraud)
Remove the report on clickbots in clickfraud (too much background noise)
Add messages in the click fraud reports on browsers and cities rather than to leave an empty screen when there is no database/case

1.61 (September,9, 2012):
Upgrade the list of proxies
New option to deal with the Yahoo, Bing and Facebook ppc if they are defined in the global configuration
Adjust the filters to make the difference between ppc from Google & affiliated S.Engines with the 3 others
Upgrade the range of AOL IP addresses used by their proxies
Click Fraud: processing Google Translate as a possible source of fraud to mask one's IP address
Take in account in the search engine results
Fix a bug when one right click on a keyword to fetch the graph (the real nb of hits is now displayed)
Fix an old bug in the report on Errors 404, other sources, most of the referrers are now available
Upgrade the spiders database
Regroup the search phrases encrypted by Google in a special category rather than to ignore them
Upgrade IPV6 Geolocation
Upgraded the search engines database

1.62.1 (September,30, 2012):
Modify the quick date filter in 5 reports (external referrers, wordset,search phrases, AdWords, pages from a search engine) to select the records without reprocessing the log file for a date range
Fix some bugs regarding the import of the Maxmind GeoliteCity database
Change entirelly the concept of wordset and change the algorithm accordingly
Upgrade the list of spiders
Introduce an option to display the pages requested by a spider when one right click on a line in the spiders report
Remove the option to fetch the position of the website on Yahoo
Importing kewyword prices, new option
Changing the way that EDM is dealing with the price of keywords ( E-commerce)
Take in account unicode (non european) characters in the report(s) on click fraud
Correct miscellaneous bugs

1.63 (October,19, 2012):
Combined actions:possibility to link several basic actions(columns) with an AND/OR condition
Upgrade geolocation and the list of proxies
The graph corresponding to a record is now displaying the curves associated with an action
Click Fraud report by regions( within a country) with the associated conversion rate per state/province
Change the way that an action Will come back is computed; a visitor with no cookie/authentication id but the same IP is now considered as a returning visitor
Correct miscellaneous bugs

1.64 (November,1, 2012):
Many improvements to the Display Network report, taking in account the time spent on a site by a referred visitor, using it in the score, using the AdWords conten. Some bug corrections also.

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